Peace Offering

Paul English (2015)

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An ancient forest, majesty and tranquility, leaves glistening from a light rain now flickering with sunshine, whispering a song of silent stillness, delicate piano musings of peace and comfort.

Cover painting "A Piece of ME" by Michael Monroe Ethridge

What our listeners are saying:

"Getting to know jazz artist and Steinway artist Paul English over the past couple of summers has been an honor...and his new CD called Peace Offering is exactly what our world needs, literally!! Amazing how Paul has musically found a way to bring one's mind to a calm, meditative state without one knowing it's happening..... We all could use a lot more of Paul English.....?thank you Paul?." (Matt Guggenheim, Piano Technician for the Portland Symphony Orchestra of Portland, Maine)

"...true meditations: easy, quiet, and calm. Relaxing and soothing throughout ... the perfect complement to a dimly lit evening or a rainy afternoon, with a glass of wine or a good book, alone or with a friend. Any occasion where soft jazz or instrumental piano meditations are called for is a perfect application for this CD. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for something soft and low-key." (John)

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